The episode continues with Cho Chang in the hospital who tells the boys that Voldemort wants to rule the wizard universe. Harry arrives and kisses her on her forehead. She seems to like it. They are in love.

The scene turns to Draco Malfoy who has started his own investigation to the Death Eaters, he has more respect now to all the boys. But he hides some information for Puck and Guus that could help them to solve the case. He looks at some files and finds information about other Death Eater related cases which involved also situations like with his mother. In the meantime, Lucius Malfoy, Augustus Rookwood and Barty Crouch Jr. attack Hogwards during night, which results in a battle between the teachers and the death eaters. All three they escape and Dumbeldore believes that the attack is related to Voldemort's final plan.

Draco confronts his mother, who tells him that not Lucius is his father, but Voldemort. Draco is shocked about what he heared. He immediatly begins to cry, because that means that Voldemort can always find him. Narcissa also begins to cry, because she believes that Lucius is busy with dangerous activity. Soon Lucius arrives at the hospital who wants to see Narcissa's medical report, he then uses the Curse Of Death on the doctor and kidnaps Narcissa. Draco calls in Puck and Guus after he has heared about Narcissa's kidnapping. Puck believes the Death Eaters are responsible and are planning a meeting with the Dementors, for immunity. They also want family for that. Whole Hogwards is in panick, while Draco isn't, he is ready to deal with all the rest of the problems.

A three grouped group of Death Eaters arrives at Gringotts bank and kills all the goblins who work there. Suddenly the other group arrives. It are all the death eaters, except for Voldemort and Antonin Dolochov. Also the families arrive, including Eskita Krycek, Narcissa Malfoy, Crabbel and Goyle Jr. They have the meeting with Dementors, but suddenly a gate opens containting white light which results in all the death eaters becoming curious. Suddenly a group of white masked bombers arrive who begins to trap and surround the death eaters and their family using fiendfyre, killing them all.

Puck, Guus, Dumbeldore and the rest close the case and showing pictures of ashes and bones of all the victims from that night. Dumbeldore reveals that nobody survived the massacre. Draco Malfoy is angry, because his mother and his "father" died in the fire. He has decided to go into hide, but when he wants to pack, he finds Voldemort in the Slidderich room who has confronted him about his betrayal. However, Malfoy is great and does not show fear to Voldemort, and Voldemort "kills" him with a single Curse Of Death and then leaves.

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