Here is a list of episodes of the television show Unsub. It follows two Hogwards school boys who investigate cases that are related to black magic and other unexplained phenomena. Unsub means "Unknown Subject Of An Investigation" which refers to the normal episodes who dind't had much attention to the real storyline of the series. It now contains 448 episodes in 21 seasons. The series is now more longer then the older series Gunsmoke. Season 21 is now showing it's episodes which started in September, 2009. After the season 18 finale, a movie adaption of the series was maked that follows the story after season 18 and before season 19. The movie had much television public and received good reviews.

There are two kind of episodes:

Mytharc episodes which follows the boys to uncover a conspiracy with Voldemort and his Death Eaters in the Wizard universe, the storyline for the series.

Villian Of The Week are normal episodes that follows storylines like black magic, cults, monsters, dark magicians, ghosts, everything but nothing related to the series storyline.



1. The Wizards On A Roasting Fire.

The agents investigate a series of cases in which Christmas Eve seems to be involved. The investigation reveals that there is more what meets the eye.

2. The Genius.

As they investigate a series of deaths, Puck and Guus discover a young boy who suffers from an impossible intellectual giftedness.

3. The Obsession.

Puck becomes obsessed with a case involving a Hogwards professor who says he is responsible for a series of murders, when he discovers something unuseal during the reopening of the investigation.

4. There Is No Place Like A Dark Home.**

As Harry's career is in jeopardy during a court hearing of a murdering dark magicain, Puck and Guus discove that there is more what meets the eye.

5. The General.**

A Wizard family accusses a worker of the Ministry Of Magic of harrassing and assault, but Puck and Guus discover that the charge case was just part of another black magic conspiracy.

6. Solar.

Puck and Guus investigate a series of brutal night murders in which young boys are involved. The killer seems to be a mutant who can only live at night looking for a prey.

7. The Call Of An Unsub Case.**

Puck's career is in jeopardy when he believes a mole is involved within the Black Eaters conspiracy. He meets with Dumbeldore, who tells him news about the conspiracy.

8. The Head Tale.

When a man apparently can transformate in anything or anyone he wants, his actions cause deaths at a local factory.

9. Life On The Balance.

While investigating series of unexplained happenings in a sewer, Puck and Guus discover a new form of life there, however Harry believes behind the creature there is a mysterious truth.

10. Night Off.

When a second apprentice is arrested for a mysterious rape case, the police gives the case to the Unsub department when the suspects have mysterious powerful abilities.

11. The Form Of Right.

When Harry and Ron get trapped in a jail riot, one of the prison guards seems to be the key to stop the insenity. Puck and Guus must risk their life in order to find the powerful man.

12. The Eater Busts.**

While Voldemort goes into hiding, he gives a young Death Eater the ability to proof his loyality to the Death Eaters by killing Ron Weasley. In the meantime, Puck, Guus, Ron, Harry, Hermoine, Dumbeldore and the rest must watch as the dark power rises up.

13. Some Enchanted Evening.** (SEASON FINALE)

As the Minister Of Magic is kidnapped by Voldemort, Ron and Harry are offered to find him. Puck, Guus and Hermoine are ordered to secure Hogwards who is Voldemort's possible next target.


14. Guus's Choice.**

While Guus is ordered to locate the basement of Voldemort's wereabouts, Ron and Puck discover the true reason why he drop his own dark intentions. In the meantime, Hermoine and Jinny discover a mysterious dark connection between a masked cult and the Death Eaters.

15. A Deliai Case.

Guus discovers a mysterious case that was kept secret from the Unsub team which involved a legendary African ghostbuster.

16. Darkness Of The Entity. **

A series of snake-bites results in the unexplained discovery of Voldemort's snake, Nagini. Guus and Neville begin work together to discover Voldemort's intention to use it against the good magic.

17. The Two Cases In One File And The File In A Big Basement.

When the Weasley family uncovers a dark complot of a famous ex-dark wizard, they must work together to discover the true intentions. The Unsub team works on the case of a series of murders on men who gave temples some faithfull offers.

18. The Gooddebt Family And The H. G. Guy.

When a family in a small town begins acting weird, the investigation results in the death of the apparent famous W.B. Goody, who was uncovering the intentions of the family.

19. Dark Putting Society.

The investigation to a series of recent deaths leads to a mysterious black magic gambling organisation whose mysterious believe in betting it's own old faith which leads the boys to uncover what and why they are doing.

20. Unsub And The Minds.

In the first official comedy episode of the series, a group of gastropeda's becomes the target hit of a religious cult. The Unsub team is called in to protect them. But a little too sensity reveals the real targets...

21. The Nicest Cook Of Hogwards.

Puck & Guus investigate a series of burn-like murders on Hogwards during Hogwards's Cook Time, what reveals a mysterious cook who provides human flesh on the dinner tables.

22. The Screen Like Show.**

When a series of newspaper-like-images causes several people turning up violent, Puck & Guus reveal new information about the conspiracy. However, Dumbeldore does not believe the story at all.

23. The Unknown Vision.

After Guus is severely injured in a car accident, he mysteriously sees visions about his past what leads to an investigation to the past, even while he is in a coma.

24. Puffs, Trios, Goustro And Magical Justice.

Puck & Guus investigate a case in which the main suspect is obsessed with the famous wizard, Julius L. Brown.







173. The Evil Vs. The Position.

Puck and Guus are called in to investigate a mysterious brutal murder caused by a pipe bomb. The investigation leads to the family of the victim who is obsessed by a mysterious substance in the water pipes, which leaded to their infection.

172. Youth Heart Confidential.

Puck & Guus investigate a series of murders on young girls where the heart had been mysteriously removed. The investigation leads to a faithfull cult whose believe is more the threat then their actions itselves.

173. The Cane Mutiny.

When a series of murders at a business company are committed, the investigation leads to someone unexplained in the London woods.

174. The Man With Lob.

When the appearance of an old man leads to the deaths of famous golf players. Puck and Guus are sent to investigate. The investigation leads to the specific powers of an unexplained force.

175. To Trust Someone. **

While Puck's investigation to the Death Eaters leads to a point of view of the masterminds behind the conspiracy itself and Lord Voldemort.

176. The Enemy.

When a plane crashes without the reason being explained, Puck and Guus believe the crash was caused by paranormal forces. Puck believes the cause is the work from an inside mole.

177. Off Case.**

When a series of Death Eaters hits leads to the uncovery of another part of the conspiracy, Puck discovers a force connection between Voldemort and Harry Potter.

178. The Secret Wars.**

With Harry´s disappearance, Puck and Guus must get inside the head of the masterminds who are responsible. Guus plans to meet his friend, Barney, who tries to make a deal with the Death Eaters.


1. The Wizard Universe Against The Dark. **

After Guus's friend Barney is killed by the Death Eaters, he decided to go into hide. In the meantime, Puck, Harry and Hermoine try to rescue a frozen Ron who had been kidnapped by the Death Eaters. Harry deals with his recent abduction.

2. A Prince And A Pipe.

During a testimony, a blind prince is kidnapped. While beginning the investigation, there are lots of suspects including the abductee's princess lover and the rest of the warrior like community. But soon a history lesson prompts to go on the trial of the abductee's father who had some kind of unexplained reasons.

3. The Gender Of Knights.

During a night out, Hermoine meets a masked man ending with a special date. When she wakes up, she is immediatly arrested about accussing her of a brutal murder of a masked man...

4. To Know The Future, You Must Return To The Past. **

Dumbeldore learns about Voldemort's so called Horcrux and releazes that he cannot die if he has them. Harry and Puck are trying to find Guus back who has gone into hiding.






10. Diary Of A Dementor.

When a young Chinese Hogwards boy opens a diary he is being followed by Dementors forcing Guus to make a painful decision about his magic and his teaching at Hogwards.

11. All Dark, All Light.

A young 19-year-old man begins suffering from a mysterious effect forcing him hearing mysterious dark words and eventually leaving him possessed by some kind of dark evil presence. Puck & Guus develop an interest bit in the case.

12. Fate. (part 1).**

Puck & Guus discover that Voldemort has made the ultimate plan in order to destroy Hogwards. In the meantime, also The Death Eaters see that slowly another enemy takes over the power, while the rest watches. In the meantime, Cho Chang returns from her recent kidnapping.

13. Demise. (part 2).**

While Draco Malfoy watches as the rest of the Death Eaters begins to lose their powers, Potter and Weasley question Chang about her kidnapping experience. Puck, Guus and Hermoine discover that the Death Eaters have one last plan for their final fate.


1. Ment Continued.**

After Guus goes, together with Neville, to Dôrgenskûn in order to find the origins of the Dark Water, they find themselves in a Dôrgenskûnish cell where they are experimenting with the dark water, and also Guus and Neville might also fall as one of the infected victims.

2. Nustatytų Pagal.

Puck goes to Australia to defeat a very mysterious plant, called Wisteria. The plant makes it's victims with little pointy poisonous tentacles, but after reaching the outback, he discovers that the plant is bigger then he thought. Guus in the meantime tries to discover evidence about the plant.

3. White Wieves.

When a mysterious female white spirit escapes from a dark cursed house, she makes her victims on the people who try to steal her properties, and soon Guus and Puck find themselves followed by the mysterious woman.

4. chimaeraaaaaah!!!!**

Guus and Puck go to Greece where they get interested in a urban legend: a very white man goes with his "little"pet,a Chimaera a ancient greek mythology creature, but soon they find out this pet is realer then they thought....

5. The Dark Owner And The Light Pet.**

After releazing that Voldemort is the owner of Chimaera, they must find their way in traps in order to find it and Voldemort have again a mysterious dark plan...

6. filthy plans.

after the holidays in norway Puck and Guus go to the unsub office where suddenly a mysterious woman appears, she casts a spell which turns her into millions of eight-feeted wriemelaars: spiders. well Puck and Guus lets see if you are a worthy vermin-fighter.

7. Oldies.

A very old man, approximetaly 10987660547 years old, arrives at the Unsub office who was ever long years ago the school director of Hogwards, he ever investigated a mysterious case with the Ministry Of Magic in which a mysterious wizard, Zemerlias Skures, committed several murders by using a mysterious poisonous saliva.

8. Žarnos.

While Puck stays at the Unsub office, Guus travels to Peru in order to investigate machu picchu (Guus learned much powerful magic there). deep in the caves near the town were the secret town was hidden, Guus investigates the secret town to look for a giant snake(?!) called Rafunghia. after a huge battle with Rafunghia Guus finds something very interesting......

9. afterbirth.

some women are giving birth of little birdsnakes, Guus and Puck find out about a very little kind of dragon...

10. Magic Fight.

A series of deaths at 'Magic-Boxing-Bar' leads Puck & Guus to uncover a mysterious case of false fighters who use very brutal techniques in order to kill their opponent. But nothing further of evidence meets the eye.

11. The Mysterious Lankas.

after Guus and Puck's visit to the Inca town of machu picchu, Guus finds a mysterious bow which always kills when you get hit, but the bow does't have any arrows but Puck finds out that you can shoot with your lifepower, so if you shoot with the bow you will get killed but the arrow wont rest until it kills it's victim.

12. Giftedness, Gave, Giftedness.

Puck risks a jail sentence when he discovers that a disfigured man has evidence about a series of magical crimes. However, where is that man?

13. An Error In The Minds.

A mysterious man is able to kill people by brutally getting into their minds. When Puck and Guus investigate his actions, they realize this killer is real...

14. Lock Out.

Puck and Guus try to find an explanation for a series of recent deaths of Thestrals who have all died from a mysterious disease. Guus's suspiction is dragon pox, but while the surviving beasts also die of the cure, the boys realize this case is serious, very serious...

15. A Very Magical Like Christmas Day.

It is Christmas in Hogwards... and the Unsub team is temporarly closed for the Christmas days. Guus is nervous when he plays Rudolf for a very special boy, while Puck & Harry learn how happy the times of Christmas can be.


1. Beyond The Doom.**

While Voldemort prepares to use the dark water against the Ministry Of Magic in order to discover their true intentions, Puck and Harry have gone undercover within an army of Voldemort. Guus discovers information about Voldemort's true intentions.

2. The True Server.

The house-elf named Randy served within the Lestrange family during 1977. This episode follows his history as a house-slave...

3. Guess Who's The Dark Wizard Now.

Puck & Guus investigate a series of murders on squibs in which all their fresh blood appears to have been removed. The investigation reveals that a dark wizard, with hate against mudbloods and squibs, is using his powers to take over the blood purity.

4. The Kid.

Puck and Guus investigate a brutal murder on a young muggle girl who had been slaughetered and almost eaten to death. Guus believes a grave danger of joking madness is coming close to it's next victims...

5. Alternatives.

Mr. Weasley works together with a strange businessman from Ministry Of Magic, but is he able to stop his true intentions within the Weasley family?

6. Hello Games, Hello Champignons.

A string of bizarre fatal accidents at the Triwizard Tournament leads to someone who tries to make a scandal within the game. Puck soon finds himself trapped in the final strike to win the triwizard, but soon he discovers something unusual risking his own life.

7. Gusto Sanguinante.

Puck & Guus investigate bizarre murders in which all blood is sucket out of the body. The investigation leads to a group of vampires with gore rituals.

8. A Knife At The Balloons.

A series of murders on young girls with a clown like look leads to an old nemesis of Puck & Guus. But soon the "funny" game is playing otherwise.

9. A Red Black Curse.**

A series of fiendfyre like killings leads to the actions of Bombers. Also the death eaters are making life changing decisions.

10. A Gold Stone And A Red Drop.**

While Hermoine is one of the new victims of the Bombers, Ron and Puck are ordered to protect her. Guus & Harry try to find out what and why the death eaters are doing something big...

11. Fate Off.

A mysterious man has a powerful ability to heal people from dragon pox without using a medicine. Puck & Guus are ordered to investigate case.

12. Both Lines.

A young claims he is cursed by a mysterious force and that he needs to defeat his nemesis to stop it. Puck and Guus help him to stop the curse.







357. Fire Of A Manatee. **

Guus meets a female Militairy Soldier named Shawnee McGee who wants to help them to discover the real passion behind the conspiracy. Puck and Potter start their investigation to school-director Igor Karakov. A battle prompts Neville's kidnapping.

358. The Man Who Had Powers.

Puck & Guus uncover an urban legend about a home-town hero who had powerful abilities during the years of 1867. They soon realize someone has gagged the story.

359. Dead Waters.

When a series of murders are committed on sea-men at Hogwards, Potter and Weasley believe the Great Octopus is responsible, but Puck suggests not to look for it, but the Ministry of Magic wants the 'so called monster' dead...

360. The Tale About Mythes. **

After Igor Karakov is killed, presumed done by Death Eaters, a group of militairy soldiers breaks into the Unsub basement. Mcgee is caught and she wants to help them to find Neville, who had been kidnapped by the militairy soldiers.

361. Pedigree.

A young muggle boy is different then the other students on school, but remembers his father's name - Albus Dumbeldore.

362. Férâle.

While investigating a mystery burn hit, Harry and Guus discover dead traces which leads them to a clan of Inferi.

363. The Shadow Of The Dark.

Several people are killed by a mysterious shadow, first suspiction is Lethifold, but soon they realize a mysterious shadow darkness ghost.

364. Mirror, Mirror. The Unsub team finds people with inflicted self-suicides in which only an innocent mirror is present. However, Dumbeldore believes the mirror might not be that innocence it looks like.

365. The Truth.

Guus finds a disfigured puber in the Unsub office, whose identity cannot to uncovered. With the help of old magical investigation, they try to find out who the man is and what he wants.


338. The Titan.

Puck & Guus investigate a series of murders on men who suffer bends disease, and the case seems to be related with a little too risky scuba diving.

339. Ju-On.

While trying to piece evidence about a dark wizard family that was unexplained killed, the life of Guus and Puck is in danger when they are followed by a Japanese Onryo spirit whose murderous spree starts terrorizing them and other people who get in contact.

400. You Can't Always Get What You Want.**

As Guus accusses a Militairy Soldier of corruption within the dark side, Puck is forced to break into a militairy basement, leaving his career in jeopardy. (The episode is continued in the movie and the movie is continued in the season 19 premiere).


The movie gasps between season 18 and 19. While Puck faces a trial within death penalty due to his burglary in a militairy basement, Guus and the rest are facing a terrorist threat. After Puck is convicted for the Dementor kiss by the court, he escapes with the help of his friends and face the real wizard war. (The movie is continued in the season 19 premiere).


401. He Can Fly And He Wizards.**

After discovering the militairy conspiracy, Puck becomes a fugitive who tries to clean his name. The boys of The Order Of The Phoenix try to find a Panama tribe and Voldemort who are almost destroyed by The Black Flyers.

402. The Seville.

Puck and Guus encouter a man who believes he is a living comatose. Guus tries to find out if the man is suffering from a potentially disease.

403. Midnight Town Guys.

When a woman is mysteriously attacked by an unidentified curse, Puck believes the curse is the fourth unforgivable curse, but Guus is sceptical.

404. You Have No Idea What Kind Of Magical Curse We Use.

Puck & Guus are intrigued by a faithfull cult who uses dark magic instead of the good side. However, when one of the cult members is ritually murdered, the Unsub team realizes the cult is not all they seem to be.

405. Believe Of Existence.**

As Puck and Guus uncover a new part of the conspiracy, their investigation leads to their informant, Keesie, who says it is not over yet, even the big threat is eliminated.

406. Little Mole.

The episode follows the point of view from two cruisaders, who even they are muggles, have special powers from an apparent birth defect. The episode begins with their friendship and ends as they end up in fight and kill each other brutally, leaving their bodies on the ocean never to be found.

407. Betrayal And Brutally.**

The Order Of The Phoenix are in trouble when Dumbeldore is piosoned and he will only have three days of surviving.

408. Faith In The Known.**

Keesie informs to reopen the explosion of an FBI building from 1997, which seems to be not the work of a nulceair bomb, but from black dark magic which released another infection of the dark water virus.

409. Fear.

When a Boggart escapes from a sealed closet, Puck & Guus must avert his murderous spree.

410. Il Mando Cantari.

When a Italian artefact is discovered in sea, all the people who touch it die ritually.

411. A Feature Show Of The Order Of The Phoenix. **

This episode focuses on the life of Harry's parents and the other wizards from years ago during their war and first fighting with Voldemort.

412. Blood, Sweet And Tears.

Puck & Guus are called among the case of an ex-Hogwards professor who is experimenting with a love potion.

413. The Department.

Puck and Guus investigate a series of cases wih relation to profound state of petrifaction and before the 'murder' a mysterious voice terrorizes several men who are close to the victim's wereabouts.

414. Resurrection.

After one of the Hogwards boys falls to his death in a freaky accident, he mysteriously comes back to life and kills the one who were involved with his death.

415. Big Smoke On Oubliette.

A young girl is mysteriously kidnapped by a faithfull organization, but Puck & Guus soon find out there is a connection between the kidnappers and the victim's friends.

416. Exercise.**

As Keesie informs new information about the conspiracy, the investigation returns to a jailed Militairy Soldier who will help them uncover the responsible men in exchange for immunity.

417. Bite Fanks.

Puck & Guus investigate a series of murders on cows who where murdered with brutal techniques and the only traces are a bunch of fanks in the bodies.

418. To See The Sunlight.

A couple begins to kill their so called "biological daughters" and the investigation reveals a DNA twisted complot theory.

419. An Angel Leaves. **

When a young man, with connection to the dark wizards, is murdered by a muggle weapon, Puck is shocked to learn that his mother died the next day of an apparent heart attack. He believes it is murder, and Keesie gives him evidence to believe a mole inside is killing important people within the Order.

420. All About Darkness. **

While Puck is the intended next victim, Guus tries to idetify a mole in the Order Of The Phoenix. The episode ends as Puck is hit by a curse by Keesie, who is the mole, severely injuring him and leaving his fate unknown.


421. Darkness, Blacks And The Dark Sides. **

The episode continues as a severely injured Puck is brought to the hospital, whose fate is still not in the balance after his showdown with Keesie. Guus decides to risk his own life in order to continue his investigation to Keesie's real intentions.

422. Lost Verinzones.

After a mysterious CIP device is stolen from Hogwards, Puck is back on the job to find it and get is back.

423. Double, Double, Boy In Trouble.

Guus meets Simon Wenderfield, who is his exact look-alike. Guus and the rest soon discover that Wenderfield is not all he seems to be and they discover a mysterious conspiracy behind a clone-operation.


442. The Whooph.

Puck & Guus investigate a series of uncommittedable murders on young women who had the previous day being saved from a grave danger by a mysterious superhero. The investigation forces the Unsub team to find out what more meets the eye with a mysterious comic book seller.

443. The Boy Presence.

Puck & Guus develop an interested bit in a case involving a school student who is able to use powerful abilities in order to kill bullies. But soon the boys realize the bullies have nothing difference with each other what leads to a mysterious explanation.

444. One Last Hope.

When a series of unexplained accidents happen at Beaubatons, the cause appears to be committed by a madfull student whose power is much more then honor.

445. An Experiment Of The Hogwards University.**

When Puck is being locked in a mysterious attic on Hogwards he discovers a history book of the school what reveals the real true nature of the Hogwards school and the mysterious darkfull past.

446. A Green Like Drink.

A mysterious wine changes everyone who drinks it in zombie-like mutants. Puck and Guus must seal theirselves in order to become not biten by the zombies or get also infected with the strange fatally disease.

447. Namaletzi.

Puck and Guus find one by one mysterious eaten corpses of magical persons from London. The killer appears to be a legendary creature whose murderous prey is much more then it's own will.

448. Red Blood And Black Magic. **

When Dumbeldore's true origins with Grindelwald are uncovered, Puck & Guus believe he might be a traitor inside Hogwards. Dumbeldore's career like fate might be decided.

449. Oh Galion, Where's The Cost?

The team is intrigued by their new informant, R.A.Z., who tells them about an expensive burglary at Gringotts bank, the offender might have special ideas with the stolen subject.

450. An Other Side Story.

A young and student-in-training journalist get's an entertainment like comeback when he shets new light on the activity of the Unsub team. Guus and Puck find out he will do everything to get that promotion...

451. Once Upon A Time In London.**

A young man from the Western world discovers Grindelwald's true intentions and calls in a professional wizard in order to destroy the Death Eaters. The boys get interest and decide to check him in for questonening about his true ideas in order to destroy the dark side.

452. Veletzi.**

When R.A.Z. discovers evidence about Dumbeldore's innocence, he immediatly checks out the Ministry of Magic. While the Western Revolver Man continues his undercover operation on Grindelwald.

453. The RAZ Next Door.

plot not revealed yet.

454. A Letter From No One.

plot not revealed yet.

455. The Legendary Story About Hogwards's History.

plot not revealed yet.

456. The Killing Blues.

plot not revealed yet.

457. A Surveillance For True.

plot not revealed yet.

No other episodes have been revealed yet.

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