In the series "Unsub" there are two developed main types of episodes. Mytharc follows Puck & Guus trying to save the wizard universe together with Harry Potter and the Weasley family and other famous wizards to fight to Voldemort and his Death Eaters. The other type of episode is Villain Of The Week which follows all kind of wizard universe things like: black magic, cults, ghosts, murders, curses, dark wizards and other enemies. Most of these episodes have no ties or relate to the series following storyline through the series. Some episodes of the villain of the week episodes became famous and got good references from fans.

For things not related to the villain of the week, you must get information at articles Mytharc and recurring characters.


The Blood Santa Massacre Killer, portrayed by Fred Jane in the episode "The Wizards On A Roasting Fire", was a kind like disfigured Santa Clause creature that slaughtered it's victims during special Christmas events. It's modus operani was to drug his victims with some kind of chemical substance and paralyze the hands and legs of the victims, he then skinned all his victims alive, hoping that one of them survived the massacre. His last final target was Jenny Harris, a young woman who was the cause of his disfigurement. However, before he could do this he was hit by the same chemical substance which paralyzed his whole entire body where he was brought to a psychiatric clinic where he would be held in captivity. During the 20th aniversairre of the series, most of respect came from this villain, who was the first creature that appeared throughout the series.

Alan Tanner, portrayed by William Fang from the episode "The Head Tale", Tanner was a young muggle who had the oppertunity to transform in anything he wanted without knowing it for himself. After he transformed, he became agressive and begin killing several people connected to a famous factory.

The Night Visitor, from the episode "Solar", was a kind like zombie-werewolve creature that was looking for young boys, his only way of killing was at night, because or else he would die due to exposure of light. He transformed in a student and asked other kids if he could sleep at their house during a weekend. During night, he would transform in his creature like form and kill his victims brutally. After he became friends with Puck, he listed him as his next victim. However, due to strange behavior, Puck wake up and used the Avada Kedavra curse three times and the thing was killed.

Cole Junior, from the episode "The Genius", Cole was a young boy who suffered an impossible intellectual giftedness, in which he had an IQ of 100% and knew so much he was able to read others mind. However, due to his apparent mentalist powers he apparently genetic killed several people, without knowing it for himself. Cole was charged, but not convicted by the court, only giving him therapy in order to treat him for his so called 'gift.'

Dhr. Dr. Anstin Guvoo Tetlin, from the episode "The Obession", Tetlin was a young doctor who worked in medical business who was responsible for killing several patients of him. After the deaths, he confessed quitely that he was responsible. In reality, he was a mutant who used a human face who finally could escape before he will be convicted so he could escape via a bath fulled with chemicals, which finally worked, leaving him uncaptured.

The Sewer Parasites, from the episode "Life On The Balance", was a urban legend in a sewer in London which was a living humanoid parasite who needed the water inside a human being in order to survive. After someone saw it, it took the head and sucked out all the genetic water, killing the host.

Jake Knowles, from the episode "The Form Of Right", Knowles was a prison guard who was the only mastermind an agressive prison riot. He was also the only key to stop it in time. Knowles had some kind of powerful ability that he was protected from the agressive prisoners and that he could control the minds of criminals or bad guys. Puck hit him with the Avada Kedavra curse when Jake tried to take control of Guus's mind in a wizards-chess, which killed him.

Jimmy Miller and Frankie Jones, from the episode "Night Off", where two best friends who had some mentally unexplained connection between each other which resulted in a rape case, a murder on a laywer and their eventually escape from Azkaban.


The Clothed African Ghostbuster, from the episode "The Deliai Case", TCAG was a man who lived in Africa who could destroy sprits and other ghost like things. However, due to destroyment, the spirits began possess him, leaving him in extreme suffering. However, the case was kept secret from the UNSUB team, until they found him in an African tribe preying for mercy. He was brought to a place, but ended him committing suicide.






Otto Lumoss, from the episode "The Last Stand Of A Deja-Vu", was a professor who was first seen in one of Guus's nightmares involving an unsolved court case. He was later seen as a train man when Guus and Puck arrived at Hogwards. Lumoss eventually began stalking the boys and Harry Potter. Potter and Weasley believed that he was from some kind of ordered hit, but Lumoss eventually gained their trust in order to kill Harry. Before he could, he was hit by a single curse of Guus which led to his arrest.


Serolius "Kindred" Quinton, portrayed by Jack Black and Braeden Lemasters in the episode "Youth Heart Confidential", Serolius was the cult leader of the cult "The Kindred". He committed murders on young girls in order to remove their hearts because Serolius believed that the hearts will make him younger then he looks like. After having committed another murder, he was investigated by agent Puck and Guus. Serolius's cult place was however not known. After having committed 13 murders, he looked like a 12-year-old boy. Serolius escaped to a dark house in which another heart of a girl was laying. Puck, Guus and a group of wizards arrived and tried to defeat him, however he escaped to a center under an escalator. Serolius was, however, killed after he was crushed to death under a moving escalator. His cult members died soon after.

Bane Johnson, portrayed by Ule Tamato from the episode "The Cane Mutiny", Bane was a businessman who performed "scalp-knife-tortures" on his colleges in order to clean their arrogant behavior. After he was finished, the victim however died of a mysterious internal bleeding. He tried to do this with Ron, but he was hit by the Avada Kedavra death curse by Guus and killed.

The Well Prominent Golfer, portrayed by James R. Tooms, TWPG was a young man who was able to move things with his own eyes. His apparent genetic powers caused the deaths of several golf-players by their own golf-stick. Guus was however a good friend of this villain. When Guus discovered the villain's true nature, he used a Depulso curse which injured him, giving the Dementors time to bring him in custody to Azkaban. The episode ended as the villain was using his eyes with a stone to break open his cell, smiling a little before the screen fades to black.


Coen Wizardi Miles, portrayed by Coen Van Stekelenburg in the episode "The Entcorsist" who was possessed by some kind of mysterious dark force. He was young boy from 12 years old who was, after he is possessed, mysteriously showing demonic behavior. After the force's job was finished, he caused a medical seizure in the victim and took another host.


Rafhunga, from the episode "Zarnos" was a giant snake with a enormous crystal on her forehead which contains mysterious powers. It was believed to be an urban legend, even witnessess believed they saw the giant tongue of the snake slibbering over the mountains. After Guus and Puck discovered a file of the case, Puck didn't want to go Peru. Guus traveled on his own and discovered information about the snake. Guus investigated the mountains and discovered that the snake really existed. He soon found himself trapped in the mountains with the snake, and he eventually killed it by removing the crystal from it's forehead. For some reason, after Guus left, Rafhunga's sissing sound was heard, revealing that for some reason the creature survived.


The Machete Clown: portrayed by Darin Morgan from episodes "The Kid", "A Knife At The Balloons", "A Killing Joke", "Another Smile" and "The Stand", was a mutant like clown who had to feet his prey on young children. His first battle with the Unsub team was committing a murder on a young child at a children's hospital lobby. He left a card with balloons on it at the crime scene. He escaped that same episode. His next appearance was after he was responsible for killing several young girls who had the clown's same kind of clown look. Puck and Guus discovered him eating another child, who survived. The Machete Clown was able to paralyze both boys with a single curse and escape in time. After he disappeared, he came back in another episode, only this time, the murder was committed in 1977. At the end, it was discovered that The Machete Clown was responsible, he was last seen eating a chicken leg. His later appeared in another episode in which Puck discovered him in a burglary case in a children's playground. He escaped and his last appearance was his new killing spree. He became Puck's nemesis and during a fight with him he was skinned to death by a combine harvester. The Machete Clown got famous by fans and was well received. There where little dolls of him made at shops. He eventually got much television public and was also mentioned at the 20th anniversairy of the series.

James Brandl: portrayed by Julian Kings in the episode "Alternatives", Brandl was a young project developer who was working secretly with Mr. Weasley. Brandl got a little too interest in the Weasley family, and almost kissed Jinny Weasley. After he set the cellar of the Weasley family on fire, Mr. Weasley had enough of him and pushed him in the face. He left and was not seen again throughout the series.

Duddely Square Tooto: from the episode "Both Lines", Tooto was a man who had apparently trouble with squuaking. He wanted help The Order Of The Phoenix to find the cause of this possible curse. Tooto believed that his nemesis, Buck, was involved with the case. During a magic battle, Tooto managed to hit Buck with a Avada Kedavra curse, which killed Buck and ended the curse. Tooto continued his normal life.











The Fly Man. Portrayed by Jean Damon from the episode "The Wooph", The Fly Man was a superhero like mutant who used his brain like instinct to kill the people he saves from any kind of danger. After he saved he brought them to their home. The next day the victim would have died for no apparent reason. The Fly Man eventually saved Hermione from a oil explosion in a tank, revealing she is the next victim. As the Fly Man was almost able to kill Hermoine, he was hit by a Depulso curse to the wall. However, he fly out the window and escaped to become the new super hero for another city in New York.

The Necrotitiz, from the episode "Namaletzi", was a Kaiju like monster who would eat it's victim. During it's arrival, it killed five young men in London. It was finally captured by Puck and Guus who brought him to a zoo where he would be hold in captivity.

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